PHOENIX- More than 1 million signatures were delivered to the Arizona Secretary of State's office on Thursday. Those signatures beat the deadline as four potential ballot initiatives are still potentially able to go on November's ballot.

The Clean Energy For A Healthy Arizona Committee has filed what they report is 480,464 petition signatures for Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment.

According to the initiative, the amendment "requires affected electric utilities to provide at least 50 percent of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. The amendment defines renewable energy sources to include solar, wind, small-scale hydropower, and other sources that are replaced rapidly by a natural, ongoing process (excluding nuclear or fossil fuel)."

The Invest in Education Committee has filed what they report is 270,000 petition signatures for the Invest in Education Act.

According to the initiative, it "increases the classroom site fund by raising the income tax rate by 3.46 percent on individual incomes over a quarter million dollars (or household incomes over half a million dollars), and by 4.46 percent on individual incomes over half a million dollars (or household incomes over a million dollars); designates 60 percent of new funds for teacher salaries and 40 percent for operations."

Supporters say the initiative would raise $700 million for the classroom from the richest Arizonians, while bringing education funding close to pre-recession levels.

The Outlaw Dirty Money Committee has filed what they report is 285,768 petition signatures for the Stop Political Dirty Money Amendment.

Anyone spending more than $10,000 to oppose or support candidates or ballot measures must disclose everyone who contributed $2,500 or more promptly, publicly and under penalty of perjury. The money must be tracked back to its original source. Violators will be subject to fines. Rules to implement this Amendment will be written and enforced by a nonĀ­partisan commission.

The Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act. According to the text of the initiative, The goal is to "protect Arizonans from these regressive and inequitable taxes, this initiative measure amends the Arizona Constitution to prohibit the state and its political subdivisions from imposing any new taxes on services."

According to the office of the Arizona Secretary of State, they have 20 business days to complete petition processing. Counties have 15 business days for signature verification and then the AZSOS has a final three days to determine if the initiative has qualified for the ballot.

Even though these four initiatives have submitted the required signatures, they are not sure things to be on November's ballot. The Secretary of State must verify the signatures, and they are also open to legal challenges.