PHOENIX - An Arizona congressman is introducing a bill that would legalize marijuana, just weeks after the 2016 election, which saw a legalization proposition defeated.

Rep. Mark Cardenas (D-Dist. 19) has introduced the bill before, but it died before it was assigned to a committee.

This time, Cardenas said he believes he can get support for his bill based on the number of people who voted for Prop 205.

Prop 205 was narrowly defeated by less than 80,000 votes.

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"[Legislators] that will actually vote no, I've had come up to me and say, you know we should just legalize it and tax it, but I can't do it because I'll risk a backlash of my constituents."

Opponents of Prop 205 said it was too soon after the election to consider a new push to legalize marijuana. They pointed to the failure of the proposition, by any margin, as evidence that Arizona voters don't want it.

Proponents of Prop 205, while agreeing that legalization is inevitable, said they didn't believe Cardenas would have any more success with this bill than he has in the past.

Cardenas said he planned to introduce the bill Tuesday evening.