FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. - Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is speaking for the first time since Wednesday’s court decision to clear his criminal conviction.

Arpaio didn’t even go to court when Federal Judge Susan Bolton tossed out his conviction, but he said he should have never been prosecuted to begin with.

“Anybody in that courtroom that attended the five-day trial knew that there was no case,” said the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America.

Sheriff Joe’s presidential pardon was also upheld by the judge who concluded that it was completely valid.

“I thank the president for the pardon. I never asked for it,” added Arpaio.

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However, he said he hasn’t spoken to President Trump in months and hasn’t tried to reach out to him, but his support for Trump remains unwavering.

“I found a hero,” said the former sheriff who lead MCSO for 24 years.

His longtime critics and civil rights activists are far from feeling that justice was served.

“I think that it’s evidence that the nation basically believes that violating the constitutional rights of our community is OK,” said Dr. Angeles Maldonado.

As for the sheriff, he said he knew from the beginning he wasn’t guilty.

“But I’m sure that you understand that this was a very biased judicial and political system,” said Arpaio.

Sheriff Joe added that he plans to remain involved in politics.