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What's on my Arizona ballot? Find out with the 12 News ballot guide

12 News is helping you learn about the candidates and ballot measures.
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ARIZONA, USA — It is important for all voters to be familiar with their ballot as they get their ballots through the mail or arrive at their polling place. 

12 News has partnered up with BallotReady to show Arizona voters exactly what they'll be voting for in any corner of the state.

Learn about candidates, their experience, their position on different issues, and who has endorsed them, all with trusted and vetted sources.

How to use the 12 News ballot guide:

The ballot guide uses your address to find your legislative districts, county district, school district, and more.

There are hundreds of different ballots in Arizona depending on where you live, so the easiest way to determine what will be on your ballot is to identify where you live.

After entering an address and hitting the "Get Started" button, voters can use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen and find everything that will be appearing on their ballot.

Voters can find the federal candidates up for election, including the presidential candidates and candidates for the U.S. House and Senate.

The service also includes candidates that are up for the Arizona House, Arizona Senate, and the Arizona State Corporation Commission. Judicial candidates, local candidates, and any measures, propositions, or initiatives up for a vote in your are also included in the ballot guide and can be found in the navigation bar.

BallotReady is also constantly updating the guide with new, vetted information. 

If you see an error or have any questions regarding the ballot, you can submit a ticket to them through their contact page here.

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