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Vice President Pence visits Phoenix for a campaign stop

The Vice President came to Phoenix Friday after an entire week of Trump campaign visits

PHOENIX — The Vice President came to Phoenix Friday after an entire week of Trump campaign visits. The President came Monday, Ivanka Trump came Wednesday and Second Lady Karen Pence came Thursday.

Vice President Pence’s visit was similar to those of President Trump and his daughter Ivanka earlier this week. He spent time solidifying their campaign base.

The full week of campaign visits comes as Joe Biden has a near four-point lead in Arizona. 

Pence started the day rallying support from the Hispanic community. He attended an event hosted by the Libre Initiative, a conservative non-profit organization.

We’ve made border investments in border security and added more than 300 miles of border wall on the southern border,” said Pence at the event. 

Members of the organization voiced their support for the administration’s deregulation and school choice policies.

“Latinos need free market, and the free market needs Latinos,” said Daniel Garza, president of the Libre Initiative. While Hispanics are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 infections and job loss, the group asked Pence to re-open all businesses.

“I would love to see some sort of fast track to reopen fully and confidently by Christmas,” a pastor at the event said.

Pence made his next stop at a “Veterans for Trump” event in the West Valley at the Wigwam Resort.

The Arizona Democrats led a zoom meeting where some discussed the president’s “broken promises".

“His upholding of people that have done atrocities while serving is just the antitheses of everything that we stand for,” said a veteran at the event.

Former Maricopa County Attorney and Vietnam veteran Rick Romley also joined, taking a moment to defend Americans who died at war. 

“To call them suckers? That’s outrageous,” said Romley. The lifelong Republican is voting for Biden.