With their record spending on TV ads, Arizona candidates are throwing so much mud at each other, they're all covered with it.

It might make you wonder, “Why bother to vote for any of them?”

In the end, like them or not, they're the only candidates we've got.

We verified at least eight reasons why you should cast a ballot in November’s mid-term elections:

1. It's all about the Supreme Court: The high court touches every area of our lives - public and private. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings reminded the nation that the Senate must confirm Supreme Court justices. Arizona is voting for a new U.S. senator—either Republican Martha McSally or Democrat Kyrsten Sinema—who could one day cast a vote on a new justice

2. It's your money: Governments take a cut of all of our paychecks. Don't you want a say in how they spend—or don't spend—your hard-earned cash?

3. Keep the water flowing: Arizona's main water source, Lake Mead, is running dangerously low. Every winning candidate on the ballot will have a vote in the existential battle to preserve our most precious resource.

4. How much will you pay for health care? The battle over Obamacare didn't end with the late Sen. John McCain's thumb's down vote against killing it. Whatever happens to Obamacare and the health insurance industry in Washington could affect the prices many of us pay for health care.

5. Got a college loan? Student loan debt is crushing many graduates. Congress has a big say on interest rates and repayment rules for college loans.

6. War and peace: America is fighting its longest war, in Afghanistan. Back at home, we're struggling to care for our veterans. We all should have a say in how Congress handles those issues.

7. We're a border state: Congress has failed for almost 20 years to reform our immigration policy. The Trump Administration is going it alone, but still needs votes in Congress to achieve its most aggressive goals, including a border wall.

8. It's your right: Voting is your right as an American and, many would argue, your duty. But if you don't vote, you don't get to complain.