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How to vote if you have a disability in Arizona for the 2020 election

Ballots are available for those in large print, braille, or a different language in Arizona.
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ARIZONA, USA — All citizens have the right to have their voice heard and vote in the upcoming election. Thankfully, Arizona has multiple resources to help voters who have disabilities, are not mobile, or have language barriers.

One of the resources that is offered statewide is alternative early voting ballot formats for those with differing needs.

Voters can request ballots in both braille format and a large print format, which looks to be as long as a person according to a picture shared by Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes.

The recorders office has received 26 braille ballots and 555 large print ballot requests for the general election as of Sept. 29,  the county's recorder's office said.

"Serving the needs of all voters is an important part of every election," Recorder Fontes said.

Voters can request early voting ballots up until Oct. 23 and have until Oct. 27 to mail it back in. 

Currently Accepting Requests for: NOVEMBER 3RD GENERAL ELECTION Maricopa County voters can request a one-time ballot to be sent by mail to your residence or mailing address on file, or to a temporary mailing address for the November 3 General Election. Voters may also sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List.

All voting locations across the state provide handicap parking, wheelchair accessibility, and resources for those that are visually/hearing impaired, according to the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

"Only facilities that are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible, either permanently or temporarily, are utilized as polling places," the commission said on its website.

Some of the resources available to Arizonans when casting an in-person ballot include:

  • Accessible voting equipment, magnifying instruments and accessible voting booths.
  • Assistance teams that will be available to assist a voter in casting a ballot.
  • Curbside voting, pen cushions and additional lighting may be available.
  • The right to bring a person of their own choosing with them into the polls to provide assistance.

The commission also partners with Sun Sounds of Arizona, a radio reading service in the state, to provide voters with visual impairments an audio version of the Voter Education Guide. Voters can access this audio version by calling 602-364-3477.

Voters have several options to choose from on how they wish to obtain and cast their ballot. Voting can be done in person on election day at the polls; through mail-in ballots during the early voting period; or in person at an on-site early voting location during the early voting period.

If you happen to have more questions regarding the 2020 election in Arizona, 12 News has created an article for everything you need to know. 

For an election guide or voter resources, check out the article here.

There are multiple important dates between Sept. 14 and Nov. 3 in regards to the upcoming election. ARIZONA, USA - Editor's note: The above video previously aired on Aug. 23. Arizona voters will have multiple ways to make their voices heard during the 2020 election season.

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