The Arizona primary election is less than a week away, but don't worry there's still plenty of time to make sure your vote is counted.

Unfortunately, if you have a mail-in ballot Wednesday (Aug. 22) is last day those can be put in the mail and be counted. Because mail, you know, takes a few business days (not normal days) to get to its destination.

Early ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day (Aug. 28) and, according to the county recorder's website, "postmarks do not count."

So you forgot to mail it?

Again, don't panic! Your ballots can be dropped off at an early-voting location.

In Maricopa County alone there's more than 30 early-voting locations open until Friday. Four will be open Saturday and Monday for "emergency voting."

And just FYI: You can also vote early at these locations.

There will also be special ballot drop-off box locations, no in-person voting, on Election Day.

The Maricopa County recorder's website lists the locations and hours of operation in Maricopa County.

To find out about early-voting locations in your area or where your early ballot can be dropped off, contact your county's recorder office.

Contact information for the state's recorders can be found on the Secretary of State website.

Nope. Sent it on time, now what?

First off, good for you! Secondly, your job's not done.

If you're a diligent citizen who took the time to vote early for the primary election, you probably want to know when your ballot is received.

You can do that.

In Maricopa County, it can be done on your phone. You can get notifications when your ballot is mailed, received and verified by texting "Join" to 628-683.

Happy voting!