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Hey, Arizona Independents! You can vote in the primary

There's a misunderstanding when it comes to Independents voting in Arizona primaries, but it's quite simple: You'll just need to request a ballot.

PHOENIX — It's a common misconception that registered Independents are not permitted to vote in primary election.

The confusion stems from the fact that Arizona holds closed presidential primaries and only voters registered in the recognized parties, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Green can vote in those elections.

Primaries at the state-level and local-level, however, operate in a hybrid system, meaning registered voters may only vote in their designated parties and Independent voters may request a party ballot.

If you didn't request an early ballot, you can request a party ballot at your polling location on Tuesday.

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Independent voters may request a Republican, Democrat or Green ballot from a poll worker. The Libertarian party has a closed primary.

Remember: Each voter, regardless of party, will need to provide their name, address and a proof of identification.

Happy voting!

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