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Red, blue, neither? You can vote in Arizona's 2022 primary elections

Arizona's presidential primaries might be closed to unregistered party voters, but everything else is open to Independents! You just need to request a ballot.

PHOENIX — There's a bit of confusion around whether or not a registered Independent can vote in the primary election.

It's an understandable misconception. Arizona holds closed presidential primaries where only voters registered in the recognized parties — Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Green — can vote in those elections.

But primaries at our state-level and local-level are what's known as semi-closed primaries. That means registered voters can only vote in their designated parties, but Independents can request a party ballot.

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If you're not using an early ballot, you can request a party ballot at your polling location on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

If you're an Independent voter, you can request a Republican, Democrat, or Green ballot from a poll worker. The Libertarian party, however, has a closed primary.

Regardless of which party you're voting with, you'll need to provide your name, address, and a proof of identification.

It's a big election year for our state, so get out there and do your part!

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How big is Maricopa County?:

Maricopa County is the United States’ 4th largest county in terms of population with 4,485,414 people, according to the 2020 Census.

The county contains around 63% of Arizona’s population and is 9,224 square miles. That makes the county larger than seven U.S. states (Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire).

One of the largest park systems in the nation is also located in Maricopa County. The county has an estimated 120,000 acres of open space parks that includes hundreds of miles of trails, nature centers and campgrounds.

The county’s seat is located in Phoenix, which is also the state capital and the census-designated 5th most populous city in the United States.

The county was named after the Maricopa, or Piipaash, Native American Tribe.

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