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Juan Ciscomani expected to win Arizona's 6th Congressional seat, Kirsten Engel concedes

The district was up for grabs this election and the election was considered a competitive race between the Democrat and Republican candidates.

TUCSON, Ariz. — Juan Ciscomani is projected to win a congressional seat representing the southeastern corner of Arizona after his opponent, Kirsten Engel, conceded Tuesday morning.

After U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick announced she had no intentions of seeking another term in Congress, the area that encompasses most of Kirkpatrick's district suddenly became a battleground between Republicans and Democrats. 

Now known as Arizona's 6th Congressional District, this region includes most of Cochise County, the eastern portion of Pima County, and a sliver of southern Pinal County. This area has been represented by both Republicans and Democrats over the last couple of decades. 

Voter registration numbers in this newly-drawn district are closely divided between the parties but Republicans have a slight advantage, making CD6 one of Arizona's most competitive districts this election.

>>VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: Se proyecta que Juan Ciscomani gane el 6to Distrito Congresional de Arizona, Kirsten Engel lo admite

At the time of writing, Ciscomani leads the polls 172,287 to 168,785 with a difference of roughly 3,500 votes.

Here's what to know about Ciscomani and Engel:

Juan Ciscomani (R)

The Republican candidate's family immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico when Ciscomani was a child and became naturalized citizen. 

Ciscomani has served as a senior adviser on international affairs for Gov. Doug Ducey and was vice chairman of the nonprofit Arizona-Mexico Commission. 

He's focused most of his campaign on the economy, immigration issues, and commerce.

Kirsten Engel (D) 

The Democrat served in the Arizona Legislature for several years before resigning her seat to run for Congress. 

A Chicago native and graduate of Brown University, Engel has worked as an environmental law professor at the University of Arizona. 

Engel has been focusing her campaign on Arizona's water issues, affordable health care, and reproductive rights.

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