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Candidate profile: Kari Lake, Republican candidate for Arizona governor

Lake's campaign declined an interview with 12News, but she has made her stance clear as she continues to promote lies regarding the 2020 election.

ARIZONA, USA — Arizona's General Election is happening Tuesday, Nov. 8 and the race for governor has come down to a tight struggle between Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs.

“Arizonans deserve better. As governor, I’ll bring truth, courage, and integrity back to the state capitol," Lake says about her plans. 

Since her candidate announcement in June 2021, Lake has hit the ground running with campaign ads and rallies.

"As governor, I will issue a declaration of invasion, finish President Trump’s wall, blow up the cartel’s drug tunnels and surveillance drones, and deploy the Arizona National Guard to stop illegals from entering," Lake said in one such ad.

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VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: El perfil de la candidata: Kari Lake, candidata republicana a gobernadora de Arizona

Despite her conservative policy agenda, Lake faces criticism that she hasn’t always held these same views.

Now she faces a competitive and expensive race. She’s spent more than $3.1 million so far. But her biggest competitor, Robson, has spent five times that amount: $16 million dollars.

Polls show Robson is closing in.

With the primary election on the horizon, it’s too close to tell who will go on to run come November in the general election.

Lake’s campaign declined 12News' requests for an interview, saying they were going to pass due to her tight schedule.

Lake's top priority:

Throughout her campaign, Lake has relentlessly promoted the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. She claims it's her number 1 issue.

In July, Lake fired up a crowd in Prescott Valley calling politicians “spineless” as she continued to promote debunked election theories. 

"They sat there, and they did nothing as our elections were stolen from us. How dare they," Lake said.

This comes in the wake of a Republican-led investigative report that, once again, found no widespread tampering in the 2020 election.

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ort finds no data issues from Maricopa County

“We want transparency in our elections [...] and we want honest elections," Lake said in a campaign video.

However, according to Maricopa County Board Chair Bill Gates, Lake has provided no proof of the evidence about election fraud that she claims to have.

“Whenever impartial, independent, and competent people have examined the County’s election practices, they have found no reason to doubt the integrity of those practices,” said Gates, who is a Republican. “The Board of Supervisors remains committed to free and fair elections that conform to federal and state laws.”

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On the border:

Lake has previously stated that she will "issue a declaration of invasion" regarding the U.S.-Mexico border and aims to close the gaps in Arizona's border wall.

Most of Arizona's un-walled border sits on tribal and federal land. That means that while there are ways for the state to secure the rights to build the wall in these areas, there are a lot of hurdles to jump before it can happen.

However, Lake has tweeted that she wants to "build the Wall anyway" despite the illegality of doing so without getting authorization from the federal government.

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On education:

Lake made her stance clear on key issues, voicing a controversial take on education.

“Between anti-American history that’s being taught, inappropriate sex education, and the racist critical race theory, or as I like to refer to it all, woke curriculum, it is teaching our children hatred, and it’s also setting them up for failure and misery," Lake said in a campaign video.

Previously, Lake tweeted, "They kicked God out of schools and welcomed the Drag Queens. They took down our Flag and replaced it with a rainbow."

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On abortion:

"I will fight to save all Arizonans, including the unborn. I’ll do everything in my power to promote life, and I’ll make sure Republicans do the right thing," Lake said in a campaign video.

From a statement on Lake's website, "I am pro-life and believe that every life, starting at conception, is worth saving. The pro-life movement stands strongly in support of providing the resources necessary for mothers to embrace life, as do I. As Governor, I will put significant new resources into helping pregnant women choose life-saving options including adoption, parental support and guidance, and neo-natal treatment."

Also on her website, Lake voices her support for "making all common forms of birth control available over-the-counter, and providing assistance to those who are financially unable to pay for their own birth control."

On Arizona's drought:

Lake has pushed for a stronger drought response and supported efforts to build increased water storage and desalination plants.

"We cannot regulate ourselves out of a drought. And we cannot continue to give the ag community the short end of the stick," Lake said.

"We do a lot of this stuff well already, and it’s one area where both Phoenix and Tucson have been real leaders. But, long term, we need more water. Period." Lake said in a statement on her website.

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