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Recently elected Arizona House Republican says she will not do her job unless the 2022 election is redone

Liz Harris, who was recently elected to represent District 13 in the East Valley, says that she will not vote in the state legislature unless the election is redone.

PHOENIX — A Chandler Republican recently elected to the Arizona House of Representatives says that she will not cast her vote on any bill unless the 2022 election is redone.

Liz Harris, recently elected to represent Legislative District 13 which encompasses much of Chandler, issued the statement on Instagram and her campaign website saying in part "it has become obvious that we need to hold a new election immediately."

Despite winning her own election, Harris alleges that there were "clear signs of foul play" which necessitated her demands. There has been no evidence of this. 

"Machine malfunctions" were cited as one such sign. On election day, 60 of the 223 polling places in Maricopa County saw issues with their ballot printers, leading to some ballots not being counted immediately.

The issue was resolved within a few hours, and election officials say that they were able to ensure that every legal ballot was successfully counted.

Harris also questioned the fact that Treasurer Kimberly Yee (R) won her election with a greater count of votes than any other candidate.

"How can a Republican State Treasurer receive more votes than a Republican Gubernatorial or Senate candidate?" Harris asked.

In Arizona, voters are allowed to cast a split ticket. This means that they don't have to vote exclusively along party lines. Yee also received more votes than any Democratic candidate running for office.

It's not the first time that Harris has been involved in trying to overturn the results of an election. 

After losing to incumbents Jennifer Pawlik (D) and Jeff Weninger (R) in the 2020 general election, Harris began a "Grassroots Canvass Report" to investigate baseless allegations of voting errors in order to decertify the results of both the state legislature and presidential elections.

The report falsely claimed to have uncovered some 173,000 “lost” votes and 96,000 “ghost votes” in a private door-to-door canvassing effort, supposedly rendering the 2020 election in Maricopa County “uncertifiable.” 

Maricopa County election officials and outside experts said Liz Harris used “quasi-science" in her canvas of the 2020 election and her findings were "inaccurate." 

Harris's canvassing report initially appeared in the Cyber Ninjas 'audit' draft report but was later removed from the final version after it was revealed that the DOJ had warned Harris against door-knocking.

Harris's statement reads in full:

"Although I stand to win my Legislative District race it has become obvious that we need to hold a new election immediately.  There are clear signs of foul play from machine malfunctions, chain of custody issues and just blatant mathematical impossibilities.  How can a Republican State Treasurer receive more votes than a Republican Gubernatorial or Senate candidate?

I call on all state legislators to join me in demanding a new election.  I will now be withholding my vote on any bills in this session without this new election in protest to what is clearly a potential fraudulent election."

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