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Arizona election: Can I take time off from work to vote?

The short answer is yes, but you have to know the law and you have to act fast.
Voting sign at a Maricopa County polling location. Aug.28, 2018. (Photo: 12 News)

You may have heard you can get time off Tuesday to vote. You can, but you have to know the law and you have to act fast.

 Here's what Arizona law says:

- Employees are allowed up to three hours of paid time off to vote.

- Check your work schedule first. If the polls are open for three hours before you start work or for three hours after you clock out, there is no paid time off. 

Arizona polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

- If your shift starts earlier than 9 a.m., you can be absent until 9 a.m. to vote. If your shift ends after 4 p.m., you can leave at 4 p.m. to vote.

The time difference between the start or end of polling hours and the start of the end of the work shift can be no more than three consecutive hours. You can't take time off to vote during the middle of the workday.

But you have to act fast.

Employees must request the time off the day before the election, in other words, MONDAY.

Any employer who refuses the time off or punishes an employee for taking it, could be charged with a misdemeanor.

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