PHOENIX - It is becoming a popular place for immigrant rights groups to protest over the last year. Immigration and Customs Enforcement otherwise known as ICE is once again a place of gathering.

On the night before President Donald Trump is expected to end DACA, it was less about protest and more about prayer.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) protects from deportation those who were crossed borders illegally into the United States as children.

"We know that we are living the next few hours in very much uncertainty," said Petra Falcon from Latino advocacy group Promise Arizona.

Uncertainty wass the common feeling among the 75 or so DACA supporters who showed up for a prayer vigil Monday night.

Karina Ruiz is one of them.

"Despite the fact they might take DACA away, they cannot take our dignity away. And we'll be here standing, fighting for what's just and what's right. We will not back to the shadows," Ruiz said to the crowd of supporters.

Even legislators like Tony Navarrete, a Democrat representing Arizona's 30th district, is pleading with his colleagues for help.

"We are not going to get anything solved unless there is real legislation," the state representative said. "Legislation that is going to move our Dreamers into a pathway to citizenship.”

Monday night, it was prayer over protest as they wait for a decision.