PHOENIX - Maybe you were loading groceries into your car, or in line to enter a concert venue but by now, you've probably been approached by someone collecting signatures for a ballot measure.

There are a few that have garnered a lot a media coverage, specifically the "Invest in Ed" measure backed by educators from the Red for Ed movement and the initiative to "Outlaw Dirty Money" calling for transparency in campaign donations.

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But what about the lesser known ones? Here are ballot measures you probably didn't know were collecting John Hancocks.

Mickey Jones wants you to help legalize heroin

Well, not just heroin, but all drugs.

The "Initiative to re-legalize all drugs including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, LSD and peyote in Arizona" wants to make all drugs legal and give complete and automatic pardons to anyone convicted of a drug crimes. The measure requires 225,963 signatures to bring it to the November ballot.

Only 632,683 signatures are needed to force a recall vote on John McCain

The "Campaign to Recall John McCain" wants the senator to leave his seat because he is not showing up to work. The recall petition says that McCain's serious illness incapacitates him from doing his job.

"Doug Ducey this is your indictment by the people of AZ!"

This recall campaign is going after Gov. Doug Ducey, referred to him as the Con of Cons in the petition. The petition needs 376,604 signatures to make it on the ballot. The ballot measure says Ducey is anti-democracy.

It's uncertain how many signatures any of these measures have but the deadline to submit signatures is July 5. The signatures, if there are enough, will then go through a verifying process before you'd be able to vote on the proposition in the November election.

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