Arizona joined a lawsuit Wednesday challenging an Obama administration requirement that schools allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich and School Superintendent Diane Douglas are joining 10 other states in the suit.

"The president has no business setting restroom policies for our schools," Brnovich said in a prepared statement.

“Deciding how to protect our children and preserve their privacy, while balancing these complicated issues, is best done locally and not by some one-size-fits-all decree from Washington.”

“When Arizona students attend school, they deserve a safe environment that is free from bullying and discrimination, regardless of their gender identity,” Douglas said in a prepared statement.

"The fact that the federal government has yet again decided that it knows what is best for every one of our local communities is insulting and, quite frankly, intolerable.”

The named plaintiffs from Arizona are the State Department of Education and the Heber-Overgaard School District.

Gov. Doug Ducey said in a prepared statement:

"As with all federally-related cases, we trust the Attorney General to handle this issue appropriately. The governor has been clear that local school districts, not Washington, D.C., are best equipped to make decisions about what's best for students and families."

Ian Danley, a member of the Phoenix Union High School District School Board, said the lawsuit was sending the wrong message.

"It's unfortunate that state-level leaders yet again are taking the side of the bullies," Danley said. "That's just wrong."

Phoenix Union has been a leader among Valley school districts with its non-discrimination policies. Danley said he hadn't heard any community complaints or concerns in his four years on the board.

The Obama administration has threatened to withhold federal funding from schools that don't allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identities.

The federal court lawsuit was filed in Texas.