This might be the one time when a politician truly has nothing to hide.

Phoenix marketing executive Noah Dyer announced Tuesday he’s running for governor, the first Democrat in the race to take on GOP Gov. Doug Ducey.

Dyer’s extensive campaign biography overshares in a way no politician would dare.

No need to go hunting for dirt on this political novice.

Under the heading “Scandal and Controversy,” Dyer offers this:

Noah has had both deep and casual sexual experiences with all kinds of women. He is an advocate of open relationships. He has sent and received intimate texts and pictures, and occasionally recorded video during sex. Noah has always been forthright with his partners, seeking the same in return. All of his relationships have been legal and consensual, never coercive, or abusive, and he condemns such behavior. Noah is unapologetic about his sexual choices, and wishes others the same.

Dyer is the same person who flirted briefly with national fame three years ago, when he stripped himself of his right to privacy.

To promote his anti-privacy project, Dyer emailed a reporter all his passwords.

Dyer will stick to one political tradition: He's rolling out his campaign Tuesday with news conferences in Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff.