Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey gave his annual State of the State Address Monday at the Arizona State Capitol, hitting on hot-button issues from education to sexual harassment to addiction.

Here are the three biggest takeaways from Ducey's speech:

1. Sexual harassment at the Capitol

Ducey issued a pointed challenge to the Arizona State Legislature, which has been gripped by a sexual harassment scandal, checking off the accomplishments of the state's female trailblazers and delivered a brutal takedown.

"Icons like Rose Mofford and Sandra Day O'Connor fought with grit and determination for fair treatment, and achieved greatness," he said. "And they didn't do it for women in the year 2018 to face discrimination, misogyny or harassment."

2. Boost school funding

We'll learn more in an announcement Tuesday, but Ducey pledged to bump funding for Arizona school, which suffer from the lowest per-pupil spending in the country and is losing teachers.

3. Fighting the opioid epidemic

Ducey said he would call a special session of the legislature later in January to deal with the public health emergency.

On his wish list will be a crackdown on illegal sales of painkillers by doctors and manufacturers.