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Election-themed Halloween display causing neighborhood rift in the northwest Valley

"Trump was able to defeat Hillary and he’s planting his flag and bringing American values back to this country," said Chad Moreland.

PHOENIX — Just two weeks before Election Day, politics are on everyone's mind and can be a divisive topic among neighbors. 

But an election-themed Halloween display in the northwest Valley is causing a downright rift. Some think it's funny and harmless, while others say it's offensive.

Chad Moreland loves politics and Halloween and combines the two during the spooky season by decorating his lawn. This year's display features President Donald Trump, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“On election year, during Halloween, I usually make some kind of political display,” said Moreland.   

In 2012, he dressed up then-Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney as Frankenstein and Obama as Dracula.

Credit: Chad Moreland

"Trump was able to defeat Hillary and he’s planting his flag and bringing American values back to this country.  It was originally going to be an Iwo Jima thing piled on top of Democrats," said Moreland.

Credit: 12 News

Moreland's trick is not everyone’s treat. Social media comments called this year's display "racist and threatening." 

Neighbor Bobbie Kithcart says the display is in poor taste. 

“You know the black guy with the guy in the dead stretcher, you know that kind of thing. That’s a trigger for some people,” said Kithcart. 

"Somehow we've lost our way. You can have an opinion but need to be sensitive to what others are going through." 

Kithcart said the display mirrors a real-life scary movie and is offensive even if you do support the president. 

“I’m married to a Republican. He thought it was offensive and he's supporting Trump.”  

The display violates Homeowners' Association rules because of the number of political signs. 

Moreland's wife sits on the board and as of now they are considering taking the fine or removing some of the signs. 

They both do not want to offend others and hope in the midst of heated debate people find a sense of humor in what they call political satire. 

“I would enjoy Biden supports put up a display with the orange man being bad. I think it’s hilarious. You have to have a sense of humor,” said Moreland.   


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