As far as bachelor parties go, the one that happened over the weekend at a Vermont ski resort is getting a stunning amount of attention - all thanks to a typo in an email. 

It started with the invitation. 

"Urgent! Angelo's bachelor party, respond right away!," the email read.

The email was sent to Will Novak here in Phoenix. The person it was supposed to go to is Bill Novak who lives in New York state. 

"I don't know anyone in Vermont, I don't know how to ski, I don't know Angelo, but I thought, I'll write back a silly email just to make these guys laugh," Will Novak said.

"Angelo sounds tremendous," Will jokingly replied. "I want to send him off in style." 

"About two days later they wrote back and they're like, 'you might think you're kidding, but you are not,'" Will said.

With that, Will Novak, the 35-year-old new dad and project manager for the city of Mesa was officially invited to the party. Will even launched a Go-Fund-Me page to help pay for the trip --- with the extra money going towards Angelo and his new bride who are expecting a baby.

Over the weekend, Will arrived in Vermont, picked up some swag for the 80s themed party...even got his rental car upgraded to a Maserati. Will partied with his new friends, even appeared on Good Morning America monday morning and has been doing interviews with TV networks across the world. Will says he has no regrets about the whirlwind few days. 

"No! No, did we have second thoughts about going to the moon? You know, come on, you gotta do it, you gotta just lean into it, be open in life," he said.