A new phone scam going around, called the ‘One Ring’ scam, could end up waking you up! 12 News spoke to a Buckeye couple who experienced the disturbing robocalls first-hand.

“We got phone calls in the middle of the night,” said Andrea Jenkins, explaining the annoying robocalls she and her husband recently got in the middle of the night. “It was an odd area code and I actually received one call and my husband got three different calls.”

When her husband tried to call back? He got a message that the call couldn’t be connected.

“We tried to go back to sleep, but we were a little bit nervous,” she said. “My stepson was traveling, of course, we were thinking the worst, we missed sleep over it.”

The Federal Communications Commission is calling the most recent case the “One Ring” scam, reporting a surge in robocalls from the 222-area code. That’s in Africa by the way. The caller rings once, then hangs up, then calls right back, and does it again and again, usually late at night when you’re sleeping.

Hopefully, it hasn’t happened to you yet. The goal of the criminals behind the scam is to get you to call the number back and that’s the hook. Those numbers are like the old 900 numbers featuring big tolls for every minute you’re connected.

Luckily for Andrea and her husband, they didn’t see any big charges on their phone bill, at least not yet.

The FCC says you should never call back a number you don’t recognize.

The Attorney General’s office says you can always file a complaint with their office if you get a robocall and you’re on the do not call registry.

The more complaints they get, especially when it comes to local companies, it helps them build a case to take action.

If you become a victim, head to the FTC’s website, where they have services available to file a complaint, like the national do not call registry for consumers and telemarketers, identity theft or to file a consumer complaint.

Another tip? Some phones have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ function, where you can select the numbers of family and friends you would accept an emergency call from in the middle of the night. Other than those numbers, it blocks out all other numbers.