There’s a rumor circulating social media sites like Facebook saying that if you’re at an ATM and someone tries to rob you all you have to do is put your pin number in reverse and that will alert local law enforcement that you’re in distress.

Sounds like a good idea, but is it a real thing?

Team 12 decided to verify the rumor to find out if the reverse ATM pin number method was a real thing.

For help, we contacted Michael Cocanower, founder of one of the leading IT consulting organizations in Phoenix.

“First of all if you think about it logically putting your pin number backwards there are some flaws with that.

What if you’re pin is the same forward and backwards," asked Cocanower. "Like 1221?"

“I don’t know about you but my pin number is 6 digits long it will take me mental exercise of 15 to 20 seconds figuring out what that is backwards, now add to that, there’s somebody with a gun to my head,” said Cocanower.

Team 12 also tested the theory and just as Cocanower said, would out of the ordinary happened.

We were simply given a “Transaction Canceled” message stating we entered the wrong pin.

And most importantly no cops showed up to save the day.

“It is false and you absolutely do not want to rely on that in an emergency situation,” said Cocanower.

You might still get robbed, but the banks call that a transaction fee.