A new docuseries on Netflix, "Basketball or Nothing", follows the Chinle High basketball team in Arizona's Navajo Nation. 

The six-episode series highlights the team's journey as they try to win a state championship. 

You can see the trailer below:

The docuseries highlights the style of play called "rezball" which is similar to the "run and gun" style of play where Native American teams will run the floor and take quick shots on offense while playing an aggressive style of defense that tries to create turnovers.

Native American teams try to take height out of the equation as they play this transition style of basketball that tries to wear down the opponent. 

Former professional golfer and current Golf Channel analyst, Notah Begay III was an executive producer of the docuseries. Begay is the only full-blooded Native American to have played on the PGA Tour.

"It's sort of a dream story in the sense that we had this unique opportunity to showcase some of the true challenges that young people on Indian reservations across America face on a day to day basis, but do it with the backdrop of something that all Indian people and all sports fans can gravitate towards, which is basketball," Begay said about the series. 

Begay said he believes the tide is changing in terms of Native American representation in American media and believes this docuseries is a great step. 

"This gave us a chance to tell our story from our perspective," Begay said. "To depict what we needed to depict to be able to maintain the authenticity of who we are as Indian people. We're a proud people who have survived a great deal of oppression and challenge throughout our history."

The series "Basketball or Nothing" can be found only on Netflix.