In an address to the nation Monday morning, President Donald Trump laid out a four-point plan to help stop gun violence. 

He also called on everyone to condemn racism.

The president’s speech came after back-to-back mass shootings over the weekend that have claimed the lives of at least 31 people. His potential solutions ranged from more focus on warning signs to taking away firearms when necessary.

“These barbaric slaughters are an assault upon our communities, an attack upon our nation and a crime against all of humanity,” President Trump said.

To help prevent scenes like the ones in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas this weekend, both already all too familiar to Americans, the president said we need to be united. The president says he is ready to work in a bipartisan fashion.

“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated,” Trump said.  

He also noted the internet’s ability to radicalize the vulnerable. 

“The perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored. And they will not be ignored,” he said.

President Trump named four actions that should be taken to help stop gun violence.

1. Better detection of warning signs

2. Stop the glorification of violence

3. Reform mental health which includes involuntary confinement when necessary

4. Take firearms away from those who could be at grave risk 

“If we are able to pass great legislation after all of these years we will ensure that those who were attacked will not have died in vain,” Trump said. 

Before his speech, the president tweeted, “…Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying….this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform.”

Finally, President Trump is calling for the Department of Justice to propose legislation guaranteeing those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty.