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Tips for making virtual learning easier from a mom who does it every day

Virtual learning is a new challenge for many parents. Elmater Pleasant, a mother to two cyber school students, shares tips to make it easier.


Many students first experienced virtual learning at the end of the school year, and, in many states, it might be a possibility again in the fall. 

For most parents, that shift came with a steep learning curve. But for mom Elmater Pleasant, whose daughter Gabriel attends a full-time cyber school called Friendship Public Charter School Online, it's just another day.

Here are a few tips on navigating distance learning from a mom who does it all the time.  

First, Elmater warns parents to be respectful of your child’s learning time and space.

"Try not to multitask too much at the same time. For example, if your kid, you know, if your child is doing mathematics, try not to go bake cookies because that's very distracting," she said.

She also suggested designating a work area separate from other distractions.

"Try not to get your schoolwork done when someone is in another room watching television, find a designated spot, doesn't have to be huge. It could be as big as a folding table, big or two folding tables, side by side one, hold your computer. Another to hold whatever book you're dealing with at the time," she said.

Second, maintain a routine for your children just like you would for yourself.

"Get up in the morning, get your teeth, brushed, drink some water, eat some oatmeal and go to your designated spot. When you're working, when you're working for your job, you have a designated spot that you're doing that you're not taking conference calls while you're still lying in bed. Your child shouldn't do it either," Elmater said. 

Finally, keep things in perspective

"Give yourself a break. This is brand new to you. If you were starting a new job, there would be a, um, uh, there would be time allotted to allowing you to learn the job. Your kid is a smart kid. Your kid is going to work on the level they’re going to work on whether it be at home or at school," she said. 

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