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Valley companies sending ammo, bulletproof vests to Ukraine

Multiple Valley companies are actively aiding the Ukrainian war effort with equipment.

ARIZONA, USA — Countries in the European Union and beyond have pledged and delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and weapons of war to help Ukraine repel Russia’s invasion, and now American companies are getting in on the war effort as well.

Multiple Valley companies are actively aiding the Ukrainian war effort with equipment.

Ammo Inc., based in Scottsdale, will give Ukraine 1 million rounds of .762 rifle ammunition. Through a contract with the Danish government, TYR Tactical in Peoria will make thousands of bulletproof vests that will protect Ukrainian civilians.

This comes as the sheriff of Sarasota County, Fla. pledged 340 ballistic helmets to Ukraine and individual Americans have donated hard currency and cryptocurrency to help defeat Russia.

Ammo Inc. CEO Fred Wagenhals said NASCAR team owner Richard Childress, who is on the Ammo Inc. board, called him and asked him what the company could do for Ukraine.

“I said ‘Well let’s give [Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy] a half a million rounds.’ And [Childress] said ‘Let’s step it up.’ And I said ‘Ok let’s give him a million rounds,’” Wagenhals said. The CEO said the value of 1 million rounds of rifle ammunition is around $750,000. Wagenhals said the company pumps out half a billion rounds of all kinds of ammunition each year at its plant in Manitowoc, Wisc. and that that capacity would grow when a new plant opens in July.

Wagenhals said for he and the Ammo Inc. board, the Russian invasion was unconscionable.

“I understand what they’re fighting for,” Wagenhals said. “It’s impossible to me that somebody just walks in tries to take over a country in this day and age.”

TYR Tactical CEO Jason Beck said he supports the Ukrainian cause and he’s proud to know his Valley-made vests will be helping their people.

“They’ve got a tyrant that's trying to run over them,” Beck said. “If I put myself in the situation that the Ukrainians are in, what would we do to protect our families? I think that's exactly where we are as a nation right now.”

Beck says TYR is ready to fulfill any contract for the Ukrainian war effort.

“It's the opportunity to really save a civilian life that's trying to fight for their independence,” Beck said.

Wagenhals also said that more free ammo is a possibility.

“What a great cause it is,” Wagenhals said.

If you would like to help the people of Ukraine, you can donate here

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