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Arizona man fears for Ukrainian fiancée as Russian invasion continues

John Adams said his fiancee could not get a visa to the US and decided to stay with her sick mother.

MESA, Ariz. — Every report of the continuing war in Ukraine has John Adams worried.

“It is killing me,” Adams said.

While he sits safely in his Mesa home, his heart worries about his fiancée Nina in Ukraine.

“It’s been stressful,” Adams said.

Adams met his fiancée after taking a trip on a whim to Odessa. He met her at a local restaurant and struck up a conversation through the translators on their phones.

The two hit it off and had dinner together the next night, and then again every night for the next few weeks.

The two would continue their relationship through trips and the internet.

“She’s a very intelligent lady,” Adams said.

However, after struggling to see her during the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia invaded and war broke out.

Nina hasn't been able to get a US visa. With no clear path to Arizona and a mother with heart issues, Nina decided to stay in Ukraine.

Adams worries it may soon be too late for her to leave.

“Two weeks from now there is going to be one big bomb at one end of her condo. I'm hoping it’s not hers,” Adams said.

Adams relies on emails to connect with her. One email reading in part: "Good morning, there was an air raid all night today. We were in the basement. The shooting started from the sea." 

Another read: "Ukraine has completely changed. There are many destroyed cities. It hurts me that my country has become a battlefield."

“I know where she is looking in the Black Sea. I know where the bombs are going off around the city,” Adams said.

For now, John hopes someone can help. He said he reached out to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's office but got a boilerplate response that was not specific to his questions.

He hopes someone can help find a way to safety for his fiancée and the rest of her family.

“Oh, it would be worth everything to me. It’s worth everything to me," Adams said.

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Conflict in Ukraine

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