MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Angry demonstrations have broken out in Mexico City as hundreds of women protest the gruesome slaying and mutilation of a young woman.

The case of Ingrid Escamilla has come to personify outrage over the rising incidence of gender-related killings, or femicides.

She was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, and indignation grew after some media outlets published horrific photos of her skinned corpse.

CNN reported a 46-year-old man covered in blood was arrested at the scene. He admitted to killing the woman during a heated argument. He allegedly skinned her to remove evidence.

Friday morning, dozens of protesters spray-painted slogans such as "We won't be silenced" on the National Palace.

Hours later hundreds marched on a media outlet that published the images. A newspaper truck outside was partially set ablaze, and police unleashed pepper spray.

Mexico Femicide Protest
Journalists record as police spray fire extinguishers during a protest against gender violence in Mexico City, Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. The protest comes after last week's vicious murder of Ingrid Escamilla by her boyfriend and controversy unleashed by the leaking of images of her body to the press, in a country where an average of 10 women are killed every day. (AP Photo/Ginnette Riquelme)

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