Even in the face of tragedy, a small community in Northern California is coming together to help.

At least 31 people have died in the 20+ fires that have burned more than 173,000 acres in the area, including at least 17 wineries and an untold number of farms.

In the small town of Sonoma, though, people who didn't evacuate are using their time and their resources to make meals for firefighters and for those who were forced to evacuate.

I always call Sonoma our bubble and it bursted a little bit," said chef Nancy Nagel, "but we are going to put that air back in that bubble."

Nagel is one of the crew that's working to help keep everyone fed, but she's far from the only one.

"Everyone, every business," said Kendall Comfort from the Best Western Sonoma. "People are driving around asking how they can help. And even the evacuees themselves are coming around and asking us how they can help."

Even Melby, Sheana Davis' family dog, is helping keep everyone safe. Even though she's not a certified service dog, she is a friend of the people.

If you'd like to help, you can go to SonomaStrong.org to donate.