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Roommate nightmare: Student killed after being stabbed, doused with boiling water

A woman is in jail following a violent dispute with her roommate which turned deadly.

<p>Breyana Davis,22,  is currently in police custody and facing 1 count of murder.</p>

ATLANTA - A woman is in jail following a violent dispute with her roommate which turned deadly.

Police responded to the Ashford East Apartments, located at 1531 Bouldercrest Road, after receiving a call about a person who had been stabbed.

When officers arrived at the apartment, they found Charles Rudison, student at Georgia State University, lying unconscious on his back on the living room floor.

Breyana Davis told DeKalb County Police her friend, Conquista Johnson, and the victim were upset because she left them downtown and they had to catch a ride via Lyft back to the apartment. When the victim came inside, he pushed her and caused her to fall. The suspect then stabbed Rudison with an 8-inch butcher knife in his chest.

Johnson, who is listed as a witness on the police report, recounts the moment the suspect grabbed a pot of boiling water from the stove and threw it on the victim before the fatal stabbing.

Davis told authorities she was going to call police because Rudison, 21, tried to attack her. Johnson told police they had only been inside the residence about 20 seconds before Johnson stabbed the victim.

According to the police report, Johnson states that the victim did not harm the suspect and only asked why did she leave them.

Rudison suffered a puncture to the left side of his chest and was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. He later succumbed to his injures.

Davis is currently in police custody and facing one count of murder.

Georgia State tweeted their condolences to Rudison.

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