We all know retailers use barcodes to move shoppers through the checkout quickly, but shoppers also can use them to find the best deals on Black Friday and beyond.

BuyVia compares prices at national and local outlets even online sites like Amazon to find the best deal.

Set up the app and you get alerts for products when they go on sale and help finding the location closest to you.

This app is free for IOS and Android users and the Apple watch.

PurchX is a great app for not only finding great deals but also reading reviews.

Use the barcode scanner feature and get a list of reviews for just about any given product. It also gives a list of the best online and in-store prices and comparable products for consideration.

This app is free for IOS and Android users.

Quick Scan finds the best prices along with inventory status and coupons.

With Quick Scan, you have the ability to create your own shopping list. Like other apps, its takes a quick scan of the items barcode and opens a world of information about where to find the product quickly and the lowest cost.

The app is free for IOS and Android users

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