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NAACP leader claims to be black parents say she's white

NAACP leader raises questions of race. Can a child of white parents consider themselves black?
Rachel Dolezal has her race questioned.

Is she or isn't she?

For 37-year-old Rachel Dolezal questions over her race seem to be spinning out of her control. The leader of Spokane, Washington's chapter of the NAACP claims to be at least partial black. But her birth parents, who are both white, say she's Caucasian.

"She wants to recreate reality. She wants to just invent it herself." said Ruthanne Dolezal. She and her husband live in Troy, Montana. The two are crystal clear about their daughter Rachel's race. Her dad Laurence saying, "She's Caucasian by birth".

This is more than a black and white issue. Especially for the community of Spokane. While applying for a city job, Ms. Dolezal checked off several boxes pertaining to her race. It included, white, African American and Native American. Dolezel was hired for the job. Now the city is investigating.

Dolezal has has little to say on the matter. She does however plan to address the controversy completely when she releases a statement. Meanwhile her mom says not only is her daughter misrepresenting herself to others, she lying to herself. "By now she may believe that more than she believes the truth."

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