PHOENIX- The family of a 17 year-old teen killed in a crash involving a red light runner and alleged drunk driver is speaking about her death.

Anika Zibell was a high school junior at Accelerated Learning Center, ALC. Her family says she was passionate about drawing, but her life was cut short Wednesday night.

Anika’s mom, Brande Zibell, said the teen asked her if she could go out with a friends. Brande said she didn’t know the friend, but allowed her.

Later that evening, Anika texted her mom, responding she was okay.

“I firmly believe that she was on her way home. They were bring her home,” said Brande.

But, her daughter never made it back home.

Police say the 18 year-old driver of a gray Kia Optima, the car Anika was in, ran a red light at 32nd St. and Union Hills, crashing against a red truck. The driver of the red truck may have been drunk, but they are investigating what role, if any, the impairment played in the crash. Anika died a short time later.

The 17 year-old's best friend, Sabrina Coutts, is devastated and angry at the driver of the car Anika was in.

“I don’t think that I could ever forgive him… for just not caring about the other people’s lives who were in the car when he ran the light,” said Coutts.

Anika’s mom just wants justice and for others to learn from her daughter’s death.

“Slow down! Pay attention, kiss your loved ones," Brande said. "Tell them you love them."