PHOENIX - U.S. Sen. John McCain is speaking out for the first time since beginning treatment for a brain tumor and casting a decisive vote on a repeal of President Obama's healthcare plan.

After an interview on 550 KFYI's The Mike Broomhead Show Wednesday morning, Sen. McCain said he felt, "Great. Great, thanks."

Sen. McCain talked about his health just two days after beginning chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the Mayo Clinic for a glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor.

"It's a tough challenge, but I'm getting the best care you can possibly have," Sen. McCain said on the show. "I'm eating well, feeling fine and getting plenty of exercise. I expect Congress to go out here pretty soon, and I'll go back to work in September."

The Republican senator was in his first interview since he left the Senate for treatment in Arizona last month. He gave a thumbs down and voted no for what's being called a "skinny repeal" of the current healthcare law. This left much of the Senate in shock and one vote shy of the repeal.

Minutes before that vote, Sen. McCain said he was getting pressure to vote yes from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

"Despite what someone might tell you, I did not plan it. I did not plan that sequence of events," Sen. McCain said on 550 KFYI. "The reason I came in late, is because Pence dragged me into the vice president's office to listen to the president telling me to vote the other way."

Sen. McCain said he did not vote for the repeal because it would hurt too many people in Arizona. Instead, he wanted to introduce three amendments Gov. Doug Ducey recommended. But the senator never had the chance.

"I want those in this bill, if I can support this bill," Sen. McCain said. "Because Arizona was about to get screwed, if I may (use those words...)."

Sen. McCain, known for being a maverick and speaking his mind, will have the chance to speak out and introduce those amendments again, when he and the rest of the Senate go back to Washington next month.

Listen to Sen. John McCain's full interview on 550 KFYI's The Mike Broomhead Show here.