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Massage therapist accused of sexual assault, booked into jail

The man faces one count of sexual abuse and two counts of sexual assault.

PHOENIX — Editor's note: the video above shows Anthony Pagliaro's first court appearance. 

A massage therapist was arrested Thursday and faces charges of sexually assaulting one if customers.

Anthony Joseph Pagliaro, 59, was arrested at his home and faces one charge of sexual abuse and two counts of sexual assault, police say.

The victim told police she met Pagliaro at a chiropractic’s office where he worked as a massage therapist.

The afternoon of Mar. 30, the victim said she went to the suspect’s home for a massage appointment, she went to a room for massages, she got fully undressed and covered herself with a sheet, according to the police report.

Towards the end of the massage session, the victim was on her back and facing up when Pagliaro uncovered her leg, started rubbing the front of her thigh area and inserted his finger into her vagina, the report reads.

The report states that the victim said she was very afraid at that point. The suspect didn’t say anything, and she stayed.

The victim said she told Pagliaro “I don’t get pleasure from that and it’s non-consensual,” the report reads.

Pagliaro began to grope her right breast and offered lubricant, to what the victim responded with “I’m not here for sex,” according to the report.

The report states that the suspect inserted his finger in her vagina one more time.

According to the report, when the victim told Pagliaro she needed to use the restroom, she got dressed and as she on her way to the kitchen, he told her “that won’t happen again.”

The victim said she told Pagliaro that the “experiences were non-consensual,” the report reads.

The victim told police she was fearful for her life during the incident because she’s small, 5’4” and Pagliaro is 6’2”, according to the report.

According to the report, the victim went to the Peoria Police station on Wed. May 1 when a one-party consent call was made to Pagliaro.

During the call, the victim asked a man who answered her call why he did it, his response was “male stupidity,” the report states.

The victim told him she felt violated and blamed herself for what happened, to what he responded, “I wish I could say something other than I’m sorry,” the report reads.

A search warrant was signed and Pagliaro was arrested and booked.

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