MARICOPA, Ariz. - A Maricopa man is facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault against an officer, after he allegedly shot at a Pinal County Sheriff's Office deputy multiple times.

According to PCSO, a deputy responded to a home near Ralston and Robin roads in Maricopa around 3 a.m. regarding a noise complaint. 

A deputy arrived on scene and heard a man yelling outside of his home. After the deputy identified himself, the man fired at least three shots in the deputy's direction, PCSO says. 

The deputy took cover and the SWAT team was called. 

The man, later identified as Ralph Rubin, 65, would not comply with commands and kept going in and out of his home with one hand behind his back.

At 6:30 a.m., bean bag rounds were used to take Rubin into custody. Rubin was very combative with deputies when he was being arrested, PCSO says.

A semi-automatic rifle and a .22 caliber air rifle were found outside near where deputies arrested Rubin. Multiple other weapons were found in his home. 

PCSO says the investigation is ongoing and Rubin faces multiple charges including aggravated assault against an officer.