PHOENIX - When you buy a home in a quiet neighborhood. You tend to feel a little more secure and safe. Some residents in Chandler are feeling a little uneasy after thieves broke into their mailboxes.

A spokesperson with the post office says thieves struck mailboxes on Kent, Post, Corona and Santa Ana streets in the Ray Ranch Estates subdivision.

One of the mailboxes near the corner of Dustin Lane and Corona Drive has open doors. The corner of one box door looks like it was peeled open.

“It almost looks like a screwdriver was wedged in there -- A very little screw driver -- and they just popped open and some of the little locks were just lying on the floor. They looked like soda pop tops. They’re kind of flimsy,” said Michelle Barker, whose mailbox was robbed.

Neighbors are hopeful nothing of value was taken.

“We don't think so but you never know for sure what was in there,” said Ray Barker, Michelle’s husband.

One resident who goes by the name “Bluesman” Mike says he wasn’t robbed but thinks the thieves knew what they were looking for.

“I think it's not a prank by some kids. I think it's someone looking to benefit by maybe money, checks or something. There are some older people that get monthly checks, like myself,” said Mike.

When Michelle Barker saw her mailbox had been compromised. She acted fast to make sure the thieves couldn’t do any more harm.

“I immediately went and contacted everyone that I knew who would be sending me anything,” said Barker. “Credit card companies that send you updated credit cards. I just contacted them and said, ‘No one is going to activate a credit card in the next 72 hours.’”

She also contacted the post office.

A spokesperson with the post office says the mailboxes will be replaced by newer more secure boxes. Coincidentally, the newer boxes are like the boxes just a block away from the old mailboxes that were robbed -- leaving residents wondering why they weren't all replaced at the same time.

“They should've done the whole neighborhood, to be honest with you. They shouldn't have had the older type still existing here,” said Mike.

Residents may never know what exactly was taken from their mail but they feel little less secure.

“You think something like that. You rely on the mail to be safe. Then one day you come out and everyone’s mailboxes are blown open,” said Ray Barker.

The post office encourage residents to pick up their mail every day, and if you go out of town, have the post office hold your mail.