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With wildfire season approaching, here are some things to keep in mind

Remembering to do your part to prevent sparking flames can help fire personnel throughout the state.

PHOENIX — As a second Red Flag Warning is in effect across parts of Arizona, it's a good reminder to start thinking ahead to wildfire season. 

Tiffany Davila with the Department of Forestry and Fire Management says people can make a difference and in turn eliminate damage.

The top five tips to remember come wildfire season are clear brush from property, put out camp fires, check chains when towing a trailer or car, fill tires before road trips and respect fire restrictions.

Valley homeowners say they tend to their yardwork to not only protect their property but to also ease the stress on fire crews that have to battle the blazes each year.

"My husband's out every day in the yard trimming and making sure everything is clear and that we're good in that area," one woman said.

Meanwhile, Davila says that with hundreds of thousands of acres across Arizona torched every year, it really takes all of us to do our part to prevent wildfires from starting or spreading.

"Yesterday, Arizona State Forestry ran out about five fires in a matter of an hour," she said. "A lot of these are private starts, they're not intentionally set people are trying to do outdoor work but they are avoidable."

She says no one wants to get stuck in traffic heading in or out of town, so in addition to keeping debris picked up, check your vehicle.

"If you're towing a boat or trailer make sure those tow chains are secured we have a lot of roadside fires that are started by dragging chains. Also, make sure your tires are pumped up, we've had blowouts spark fires as well," Davila said.

For more tips on fire prevention in the state, visit the Department of Forestry and Fire Management website. 

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