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Cloudy drinking water may be seen in Mesa through end of year

The city of Mesa says the milky, cloudy water coming out of faucets is still safe to drink and satisfies the state's quality standards.
Hands at a faucet. (Photo: Videoblocks)

MESA, Ariz. — Mesa residents living in the area north of Baseline Road, between Val Vista Drive and the Loop 101 freeway, may notice their drinking water looking cloudy or milky in the coming months. 

The city said its Val Vista Water Treatment Plant will be undergoing maintenance this month which could produce some cloudiness in residential drinking water. 

The water is still safe to use and continues to meet all state and federal quality standards, the city said. 

Cloudy water typically occurs after the Water Resources Department switches from surface to well water during routine maintenance procedures. 

Jake West, Mesa's director of water resources, said bubbly, dissolved water is often found trapped in groundwater.

“Our water distribution system is pressurized, causing any air that is present in groundwater to remain dissolved in the water until the pressure is released at the customer’s tap," West said. "Dissolved air can cause water to have a cloudy or milky appearance, but it is safe to drink and will not damage plumbing or appliances.” 

The treatment plant will return back to regular service by February 2022. 

More information is available at mesaaz.gov/residents/water or by calling the city's Water Quality Division at 480-644-6461. 

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