Have you ever heard that it's illegal in Arizona to refuse to give water to someone who asks for it?

We wanted to verify whether or not that's true.

During the summer, temperatures in the Valley can top 120 degrees in some places.

It's a time when first responders are especially busy providing non-stop assistance to community members.

But are you required to help those in need of water?

"If someone asks you for water, you have zero obligation to give it to them," said James Goodnow, a legal analyst with Fennemore Craig, "which is probably surprising to a lot of people.

But there are some exceptions.

"If you're a parent, you have to give water to your child. If you're an employer, you have to give water to your employees. If you create a hazardous or dangerous situation, then you have a duty to help somebody," said Goodnow.

Although a business or person is not required by state law to provide water, many places still do.