TEMPE, Ariz. - The mother of one of the victims killed by an alleged drunk driver is warning others about the dangers of drunk driving.

Police say 20-year-old Audrianne Dillard and 23-year-old Jesel Torres were hit and killed by 34-year-old Collin Reeves, whose blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit (.145 BAC).

Witnesses say Reeves ran a red light at Alma School and McKellips roads Friday evening, but the suspect claims he was driving home from a work function and only remembers seeing a yellow light and then spinning to a stop.

“That sickens me because you don’t remember killing my kid? Last thing you remember is a yellow light? I mean it’s probably because he was completely wasted,” said Shannon Dillard, Audrianne’s mom.

Reeves faces manslaughter charges but was released from jail on bond, a court date is not scheduled yet.

Audrianne’s mom, Shannon, says Audrianne was headed for an evening hike with her close friend, Jesel, when they were struck by Reeves. Audri’s dog, Layla was also in their car and was also killed.

“It’s the most shocking, unimaginable thing,” said Shannon, as she broke down. She now pleads for justice as she clings to the final memory of her daughter walking out her front door on Friday.

“She was just so happy. Like I said, I’ll just always remember her standing there, just with this big big smile, just the happiest thing in the world. And that was an hour and a half before she died,” said Shannon.

Family of the victims have set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses. To support, click here.