On Mother’s Day morning, Bobbie Jones woke up to find her prized pearl white Cadillac Escalade gone.

“It just ruined our whole day,” Bobbie said.

The couple canceled Mother’s Day celebrations and made dozens of phone calls to police, a tow company and the loan outfit, TitleMax to determine what happened to their Escalade.

“I see my kids every mother’s day and I didn’t even get to see them this Mother’s Day,” Bobbie said.

Surveillance video from their neighbor’s house on midnight Saturday, shows what happened. A car and tow truck pull up to the house. Two men with a tow company go to work out of the camera’s view, and within minutes, they drive away with Bobbie’s SUV.

Police confirmed TitleMax repossessed the vehicle. At one time there was a lien on it. But the Escalade had since been sold to a car dealership. Bobbie and Bernard bought it outright from the dealership in March.

“Apparently TitleMax did not check their records because whoever the previous owner was I guess they put a lean on that vehicle,” Bernard said.

TitleMax declined to comment and refused to answer our questions about how the error happened and why it took two full days to give the Jones’ their Escalade back.

The company has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Administration confirmed to 12 News they are investigating several similar incidents involving TitleMax in Arizona.