PHOENIX - A family is speaking out, claiming they believe their missing loved one is another victim of Phoenix’s Canal Killer.

In 1992, 13-year-old Brandy Myers vanished after she was last seen walking in her neighborhood asking for pledges for a school project.

The so-called Canal Killer lived just doors down the street, and her family believes she was one of his victims.

“He lived three blocks from our house. He lives one block from our school. So we walked by his house every single day going back and forth to school,” said Myers’ sister Kristin Thelen

Bryan Miller was arrested back in December after police say DNA linked him to the 90s murders of Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas-- two young women found dead in the Arizona Canal. Police have said Miller is also a strong lead in Myers’ disappearance.

Thelen was just 11-year-old when her sister went missing. She claims Miller’s ex-wife has told authorities her former husband confessed to her.

“(My sister) had knocked at his door. He invited her in. And he murdered her and dismembered her and threw her in the trash,” Thelen said.

But Myers’ body was never found and no prosecutors have pressed police in the past to find more evidence.

Still, Thelen says she’s on a mission. She is attending events, like this weekend’s Pride Festival, requesting that attendees sign a petition asking Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to bring forth charges in her sister’s death.

“Any reasonable jury would convict him on what we have. The only thing I can possibly do to persuade the prosecutor, with no body, to take my sister’s case is to create public pressure,” Thelen said.

Police have also called Miller an “interesting lead” in another 1992 death: that of 16-year-old Shannon Aumock.

His double murder trial is set to begin April 28th.

“I’m just here to say that Brandy Myers mattered. She was my sister, and she deserves justice,” Thelen said.