SUN CITY, Ariz. - A woman is facing manslaughter charges and a 21-year sentence for the death of her father, who she says attacked her.

According to court documents, 62-year-old Susan Marcinko and her boyfriend were living with and taking care of her 91-year-old father when he died in October 2017.

Marcinko said her father attacked her from behind in their Sun City home on Oct. 13. She admitted she sat on top of her 91-year-old father in an attempt to restrain him from hitting her, court documents read. Her boyfriend told investigators he witnessed her do so. Marcinko also said she believed he attacked her as a result of his Alzheimer's and dementia.

Court documents show that Marcinko then dragged her father by his ankles to the courtyard of the home where Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies found him dead the next day.

An autopsy report showed Marcinko's father suffered from 26 broken ribs in all different stages of healing, per court documents. The report listed the cause of death for the victim as blunt-force trauma of the torso and manner of death as homicide.

According to the court documents, prosecutors believe Marcinko's actions were reckless because she sat on top of her father, then refused to get him proper medical attention, leaving him in the courtyard while she cleaned up blood and ultimately went to bed.