PHOENIX - A 38-year-old valley woman claims nearly 12 years ago she was pregnant with twins and one of them was Jesse Wilson, the missing boy from Buckeye.

"I knew that was my son. That was my baby," Carrissa said.

The woman said she instantly realized Jesse was her biological son when she first saw his picture emerge in the hours after he was reported missing to police by his adoptive mother, Crystal Wilson.

"His eyes, his bright eyes. It was like he was looking at me," she said.

Carrissa claims Jesse, his twin sister and their older brother were taken away from her by the Department of Child Services a few months after the twins were born in March 2006. The woman did not elaborate on the circumstances, but claims the removal was unjust.

12 News did confirm the woman's account of the timeline of events with documents obtained from family court.

Carrissa said she has not seen her children for several years and was heartbroken to learn of Jesse's disappearance.

"A lot of things were going through my head. It's like, is this really happening?" she said.

It's been nearly two years since the boy went missing and in that time, countless searches have happened, but no Jesse. The boy, along with his twin, will turn 12 years old on March 16.

"I think something very bad happened," Carrissa said. "Jesse wasn't protected."