PHOENIX - A woman in her 60s and two of her grandchildren were burned Wednesday after fire erupted in the RV the woman lived in at a mobile home park near 19th Avenue and Buckeye.

A neighbor who was doing dishes saw flames shoot from the RV and yelled for her husband, who ran to the vehicle. She threw him a garden hose and he doused the fire.

The woman and two of her grandchildren were trapped inside the RV and couldn't escape.

The neighbors said they could hear the woman screaming as they battled the blaze. The woman managed to throw her grandchildren out of one of the windows to safety before jumping out, herself.

When firefighters arrived, the blaze had been extinguished, the Phoenix Fire Dept. said. Fire crews noted that the roughly, 25-foot trailer "was smoking and appeared to have significant damage to one half of it."

The couple said that the woman and the toddler had been burned; that they both had skin peeling from their faces and bodies.

A fire department spokesperson said that the first unit on the scene was approached by an older woman who had sustained second- and third-degree burns to her face, chest, and arms.

The woman told them that she threw her two grandchildren out of the window because the door was blocked by a large amount of fire.

"The grandmother led the crews to the other two pediatric patients. A 2-year-old ... sustained severe burns to a large percent of their body,' the spokesperson said. "There was also a 4-year-old burn patient with second- and third-degree burns."

The woman and her grandchildren were taken to Maricopa Medical Center for treatment.