SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Kyle Brayer was shot and killed after a night out with friends in Old Town Scottsdale. Brayer's friends, who were there to witness the shooting sat down with police to give their account of what happened that night.

"Kyle got up to confront him and got shot in the head, in front of my face," one of the witnesses said.

The incident started when Brayer and several others were riding on a golf cart around 2 a.m. Brayer and two others (a man and a woman) were on the back of the cart when a red sports car allegedly drove up very close to the bumper.

"The guy was like super aggressive. And he was revving his engine," the woman told detectives. Transcripts show witnesses say the car bumped into the back of the golf cart several times. "Like he could have broken both of my legs," the woman on the back told detectives.

That's when everyone on the cart who police interviewed said Kyle got off the back of the cart to confront the driver, and they heard a gunshot before the car sped off.

21-year-old Hezron Parks turned himself in the next day, admitting to firing his gun, according to the transcripts.

Yet, Parks tells a different story about what led up to the confrontation. Parks says he was "going with the flow of traffic," and "didn't hit any golf cart."

Parks claims the guys in the back of the cart were yelling things at him and one of them, who was identified as Kyle Brayer, jumped off the cart and started kicking his car. Parks says when Brayer approached the driver's side window, "that's when I defended myself."

And when a detective asked, "Did he ever touch or grab you or anything?' Parks responded, "I didn't give him a chance."

Parks is facing second-degree murder charges while being held on a $300,000 bond.

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