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After relearning to walk and ride, Wisconsin man rides unicycle to Arizona

“It’s just the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said Peter Frank.

PHOENIX — A Wisconsin man ended a 1,600 mile-trek on his unicycle in Arizona. 

The journey marked a monumental moment for him because years ago doctors didn’t think he would ever be able to ride again.

Peter Frank started his journey in his home state before ending in Phoenix to meet his family. It took him three and a half months to complete the trip.

“It’s just the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said Frank.

At 14 years old, Frank was hiding in a pile of leaves when a car ran over him. Since then he’s relearned how to walk and ride his unicycle.

“You can’t make it through those days unless you have the best positive mental outlook,” said Frank.

That’s the same way he approached his ride. Along the way, he raised about $14,000 in donations for Beacon House, the non-profit organization that housed his parents while he was in the hospital.

He got a chance to take in the views and learned new lessons.

“It was pretty difficult, but through an outlook of 'this is going to make me grow,'” said Frank.

He sometimes rode his unicycle for 75 miles straight.

“I ride until I don’t like it anymore usually,” he said.

He slept at any place he could find. Sometimes the ground, a hotel, or someone’s home.

“Strangers let me sleep in their house. I’ve met so many nice people,” said Frank.

As for what’s next, Frank said he doesn’t know quite yet but asked people to keep up with him at whereispeterfrank.com for the latest.

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