BUCKEYE, Ariz. - Visibly shaken, Ann Mora recounted the terrifying moment she and her 74-year-old husband Jerry were attacked by a vicious swarm of bees.

"He tried to run in the house and he fell down and I could hear him call for me," she said through tears.

The attack left Mora bruised and swollen from multiple stings; her husband remains in the hospital clinging to life.

"The only good news is he's still breathing," she said.

The couple was in the backyard of their Buckeye Valley home when the bees attacked them.

Both ran but Jerry, who's allergic to bees, wasn't able to make it inside and was immediately swarmed by thousands of them.

"I was panicked, I was. But I knew what I had to do," said Mora. "I tried to get him up but I couldn't, so I ran in the house to get a sheet to put over him while I called 911."

Buckeye Valley Fire responded to the house within minutes.

As crews made their way to the house Mora stayed on the phone with a 911 dispatcher who told her how to check on Jerry and make sure he was awake and alert.

"When he was moving around I knew he was fine but when he wouldn't respond to me, I knew," Mora said as she shook her head in disbelief.

As firefighters tried to make their way towards Jerry, Chief John Valenzuela with Buckeye Valley Fire says they were attacked as well.

"When they attack like that it's very dangerous for everyone involved," Valenzuela said.

Crews were able to suppress the swarm with foam enough to get Jerry into an ambulance and to the hospital.

In addition to their heroic efforts, Valenzuela says Mora is also a big part of why her husband is alive.

"She did what was right but you can just imagine the anguish in her heart while seeing her husband get stung," he said.

At last check Tuesday night, Jerry remained in critical condition.